DayZ Mod in 2019?

DayZ Mod in 2019

Why should you still play a 2012 mod for such an old game in 2019?

Some might ask this question when they hear about the DayZ Nostalgia server.

The origin of the survival genre

In the year 2012 the DayZ Mod starts and started with its success a long lasting hype around the survival genre, which lasts until today.

Games like ARK: Survival Evolved, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fortnite or Conan Exiles or of course the DayZ Standalone would not exist without the success of the DayZ Mod.

If you’d like to see how it all started, the DayZ Nostalgia Server is the right place for you!

The only true DayZ

Many players had high hopes when Bohemia Interactive announced the DayZ Standalone.

Over 6 years later, many are more than disappointed by the result that the developer has delivered to date.

The developers have too often spent time with the wrong things, content that was promised from the beginning is exposed indefinitely (even after the release of version 1.0) and many players still miss the „true soul“ of DayZ in the standalone.

For many, the feel of the DayZ Mod remains unmatched to this day.

The Standalone exaggerates it in terms of realism

Losing your character including items and equipment and starting with nothing again – that’s one of the „basic rules“ in the core survival games.

For many this is already hard enough.

The DayZ Standalone and the later versions of the DayZ Mod, however, drove realism to a whole new level – weapons have to be cleaned constantly, equipment has to be mended constantly.
If you’re not careful in firefighting, you can throw away your opponent’s equipment because you broke it.

If you want to give your buddy some blood, you’ll first have to test his blood type and have the right blood package ready – and so on.

For some players, this trend may be a blessing, but there are at least as many players who see it as a heavy time sink as anything else.

The mod in version offers a nice middle way between extremes.