DayZ Mod Nostalgia Server v1.7.6.1

Hello survivors!

We are happy to inform you that there is a new DayZ Nostalgia server on which you can play the original DayZ Mod version

This server is provided by Matzi, a member of our DayZ Nostalgia community.

You can play the original DayZ mod as it was available in 2013 at its peak.

Endgame weapons in the form of M107, AS50 and L85, no blood groups and oldschool zombiespawns, hangars are still military spawns, there are no excessive military weapons and vehicles.

Join us on our journey back to the original, only true Chernarus – and the best DayZ mod ever!

➣ How to play on [NOR] Nostalgia Vikings – DayZ Mod